Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Legend of Zelda Game-a-thon

Time has certainly gotten away from me. Last month I got busy with preparing for All-Con, and then I was tired from All-Con, and then I just got out of the habit of blogging. Oops. I've been having plenty of adventures, so I plan to do some March and April recap posts soon.

But first, I wanted to share a project I just decided to start on today after receiving some super-disappointing news. Nintendo has announced that the new Zelda game has been delayed until who-knows-when. I was so looking forward to some E3 footage and a holiday release. Now, no one knows when we will see a new game. Zelda is my number one fandom. I have grown up with this series, so I am pretty bummed about this.

In the meantime, I decided to console myself with a Zelda Game-a-thon. I have played almost all of the Zelda games. Surprisingly, yes, there are a some Zelda games I have not played - five, to be exact. I actually own Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, but never got to them. I never purchased The Minish Cap or Four Swords Adventures. I also do not have a 3DS, so have not played A Link  Between Worlds. (I'm getting a 3DS next month, though!)

(I don't have to mention that I won't touch the CD-i games with a ten-foot pole, right?)

I'm going to play the games in order! Here is the playlist with some notes, because I love lists.

1. The Legend of Zelda. Originally released on NES. Currently available on 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console. I own this on Gamecube but will repurchase on Wii U Virtual Console. Originally played on NES.
2. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Originally released on NES. Currently available on 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console. I own this on Gamecube but will repurchase on Wii U Virtual Console. Originally played on NES.
3. A Link to the Past. Originally released on SNES. Currently available on Wii U Virtual Console. I own the remake on Game Boy Advance with Four Swords that I will play on my DS Lite. Originally played on SNES.
4. Link's Awakening. Originally released on Gameboy. Currently available on 3DS Virtual Console. I own the crusty Gameboy version ha! I will most likely purchase the 3DS Virtual Console version. It's a remake with better graphics, plus I can only play Gameboy/Gameboy Color games at home on my Gamecube. Originally played on Gameboy.
5. Ocarina of Time. Originally released on Nintendo 64. Currently available on 3DS. I own this on Gamecube, but will most likely purchase it for 3DS. Originally played on Nintendo 64.
6. Majora's Mask. Originally released on Nintendo 64. Currently available on 3DS. I own this on Gamecube, but will purchase the beautiful 3DS version! Originally played on Nintendo 64.
7. Oracle of Ages. Originally released on Gameboy Color. Currently available on 3DS Virtual Console. I own these on Gameboy Color, but may purchase them on the 3DS Virtual Console. Never played it.
8.  Oracle of Seasons. Originally released on Gameboy Color. Currently available on 3DS Virtual Console. I own these on Gameboy Color, but may purchase them on the 3DS Virtual Console. Never played it.
9. The Windwaker. Originally released on Gamecube. Currently available on Wii U. I don't think I have this anymore - can't find it. I want the HD remake with faster sailing anyway heehee. Originally played on Gamecube.
10. Four Swords Adventures. Only released on Gamecube. I never picked this up - it completely flew under my radar because I assumed it was multiplayer only like the Four Swords game bundled with Link to the Past. I'm sure I can find it used.
11. The Minish Cap. Originally released on Gameboy Advance. Currently available on Wii U Virtual Console. Not sure which format I will purchase for this one - never played it.
12. Twilight Princess. Originally released on Gamecube and Wii. I have the Wii version and have played it.
12. Phantom Hourglass. Only released on DS. I think I traded it in, because I cannot find it. I'll have to purchase a used copy. I played it.
14. Spirit Tracks. Only released on DS. I own this, but only played halfway and will start over.
15. Skyward Sword. Only released on Wii. I played it and still own it.
16. A Link Between Worlds. Only released on 3DS. I plan to purchase this when I get my 3DS XL.

That should keep me busy.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up - Snow, Thrifting, Brunch, and Art

It's been wonderfully cold and gloomy these past few days in Dallas. Although, we are going to have ice again tonight and tomorrow morning. No ice! We hatessss it! I also contracted a mild ick of some sort over the weekend, but I think I am almost over it. Fingers crossed.

We didn't do much on Friday evening due to the snow. After my impromptu photo shoot I mentioned in my previous post, Dan and I went to IHOP for breakfast foods. I love breakfast and eat it at any time of the day. I especially love waffles.

We spent the rest of the evening playing Hyrule Warriors.

Saturday I went thrifting with some friends. We only made it to three stores due to the weather still being slightly icy, but we got some amazing deals. Thrift Giant's main location and outlet were both having 50% off everything sales for their birthday. Saint Vincent de Paul was also having a sale with 40% off everything. It's the most expensive thrift store, so the sale was great! I spent about $60 and had a mountain of great finds. Although, after I decided to hang up everything in my giant pile of to-be-altered clothing, I discovered it's time to go on a Clothing No Buy for the foreseeable future. The bedroom closet is bursting! I'm going to take some time this month to formulate my No Buy rules.

I keep my outfits super simple when I thrift because most places don't have fitting rooms, so I need to be able to try on clothing in a corner of the store. My hair gets super mussed up too from pulling so many clothing items on and off. I try on a TON of clothing. Probably about 3x more than I end up purchasing. That said, I don't really have an outfit photo from Saturday, but here I am on a mechanical horse. I am a huge Metalocalypse fan, so I was amused by the Thunderhorse.

I'll include photos of what I thrifted at the end of this post.
Sunday I went to the Dallas Museum of Art with a friend for brunch and to view the new Contemporary art exhibits. The DMA has such a yummy brunch. I couldn't decide between Eggs Benedict and a waffle. The sous chef very kindly agreed to make half of each for me, and the person in front of me thought that sounded good too so it worked out perfectly.
We viewed four exhibitions:
Between Action and the Unknown - I loved, loved, loved this exhibition. Shiraga and Motonaga were members of the Gutai Art Association. Shiraga painted many pieces with his feet using a suspension apparatus. I also can't wait to see the performance art piece that the DMA commissioned next month! You can read more about Gutai here.
Concentrations 58: Chosil Kil - This is such a fun installation. It's interactive - you walk through the balloons and they make a strange sound. I could have stayed in there and played for hours.

We also viewed the Bold Abstractions and Frank Bowling: Map Paintings exhibitions. And I finally became a DMA Member! I am looking forward to going to some opening receptions. I hope they do one for the big Jackson Pollock exhibition in the fall!

After the DMA, we went to Nasher Sculpture Center for coffee and to view the Melvin Edwards exhibition again. Drinking coffee and overlooking the sculpture garden from a seat in the cafe is one of my most favorite things to do ever.

Sunday's outfit:

And last but not least, my thrifting haul from Saturday. I tried to focus on clothing for warm weather, but I had to give some cold weather items a home, too. :)

A simple grey and white striped blouse with puffy sleeves.

Awesome casual tote. I think it is handmade.

Velvet tank with fuzzy straps.

Velvet burnout wrap-top that I can layer over tank tops.

Pretty sure this tee shirt was made just for me.

A comfy pink and black striped top. I'm going to cut off the belt.

This blouse looks great on with a keyhole cutout and lace details. I plan to remove the attached belt on this one too.

My biggest score. A pink velour jacket with rabbit fur collar.

Simple comfy red top.

I rarely find jewelry when I thrift, but I scored a rose pin and a pink bead necklace.

Scarlet velvet top.

It's Caprica Approved.

Velvet shell.

I love the little lace collar on this top.

Leopard trim dress. The buttons are leopard, as well and none were missing! I'm going to shorten this to knee-length.

I'm also going to shorten this short sleeved dress. I might switch the buttons to pink fabric-covered buttons and pilfer the nice velvet buttons for other projects.

Pink lace shell. Really soft and cozy.

Casual pink jacket. I like the mix of twill and knit fabric.

I'm going to turn this maxi dress into a tunic top.

I squeed over this little velvet cropped jacket. I love the frothy silver velvet.

Crushed velvet shirt that I plan to wear styled as a blazer.

Super score! This was $5.00 and none of the beading or embroidery is damaged. I needs panels added in the back to fit me. It reminds me of Anna's corset from Frozen. :)

Cropped cardigan.

A cape! I was so pleased to find this floral patterned velvet cape. more thrifting for the rest of the year, I think. Can I do it?


Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day Photoshoot - Last Unicorn Cosplay Preview

It snowed a lot today in North Texas, and it actually did not melt. It's rare that we get real snow, so I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot to test out my Last Unicorn cosplay. The idea came to me as I was leaving work. I thought it would look cool with a snowy setting!

I added lavender elements to my cosplay since I associate the color with the movie so strongly because of Lady Almathea's eyes and dress. The wig and dress are from eBay and the circlet and arm cuffs are from Freckles Fairy Chest. I still need a white corset and proper boots (I wore my brown fake Uggs that I wear with my Zelda cosplay). I also wanted to test out my makeup since this is such a different color palate for me.

I used two shades of purple for my eyebrows and used the same purples on my eyes. I used a white lipstick with a bit of lavender on the edges and very lightly lined with black lipliner. I was really pleased with the lipstick, but I do think my brows turned out a bit too dark. I also need contacts that are more violet. I love this pair, but they are not quite right for The Unicorn.

We went to a park down the street for the photos. There were a few people playing in the snow, but we had a large area to ourselves.

I thought it would look cool to throw some snow in the air. I love how it turned out, but my hands turned bright red! I had to filter some of the photos to tone it down haha!

I'm happy with how this cosplay is coming along. The screening tour is coming to Dallas in April, and I am so excited to dress up, meet Peter S. Beagle, and see the new digital remaster of one of my most favorite films.

I'm so glad I decided to do something special like this today. Icy weather makes me grumpy because the majority of people in my area panic, which makes the roads so dangerous. I also get frustrated when things shut down and I feel like life is put on hold. By doing this fun photoshoot, I embraced the Snow Day and really improved my mood!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Things Thursday - Installment Two

I am in a very grumpy mood this week - so Happy Things Thursday could not come at a better time!

Thing the First. I heard this beautiful piece of music on WRR's Command Performance today and fell in love. Maya by Ian Clarke. As a former flautist, I was just blown away by this. So magical.

Thing the Second. I got a new phone about a week ago. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for years, and it was starting to show its age. I also wanted a better camera, and I love the camera on Dan's HTC One. So rather than wait for the Galaxy S6, I went with the HTC One M8. Now I just need to find a cute case for it. So far this pink R2-D2 is in the lead.


Weekend Wrap-up - DMA Late Night, Saturday Tea, Chinese New Year, and Gallery Hopping

Better late than never - weekend wrap-up just in time for a new weekend ha!

Friday night we attended DMA Late Night. This month's theme was Going Global with Art, Adventure, and Music. We kept it laid back this time and focused on participating in the art activities in the C3 room. We created paintings using brushless techniques inspired by the new exhibition, Between Action and the Unknown. I used a rubber stamp and pieces of wood for my creation. Dan's art work looked like it belonged in the exhibition.



After that, we participated in the light painting activity. Dan made an amazing bat wing heart, and I tried to write the word love but derped it up. :( I have a slip of paper with the website to retrieve the photo somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Here is an explanation of light painting.

We also attended a spoken word performance by Kendra Greene, which was based on an activity from the Nur exhibition last year. Guests to the museum were invited to write a word they associate with light on a gold leaf. I actually don't remember what I wrote, but Dan's word ended up in the performance...Butts. He takes things seriously. Someone one-upped him, though, with Butt Farts. It was an amazing performance - funny and thoughtful. Kendra put a lot of work into it - she sorted through 4,000 gold leaves to write the narrative. We talked with her a bit after the performance. I found out that it was her first time doing a spoken word performance. I never would have guessed - she was a natural! I also introduced her to Dan - the writer of Butts. She signed a poster that was designed for the performance and took a photo with me. She was really cool.

We ended the night with the Insomnia Tour. This one was about weapons and armor. I always enjoy the tours, even if I am a bit blurry eyed at 10:30pm! We called it a night after the tour - I was so sleepy.

Friday's outfit. This is what I wore to work with the exception of the wig, contacts, and hat.

I'm already looking forward to next month's Late Night. It's going to be Jane Austen themed with a costume contest. It's also the Arts District Spring Block Party with the Crow and Nasher doing Late Nights as well.

I started off Saturday with a meetup with my tea group. It was my turn to host, and I chose tea/brunch at Lark on the park. It was delicious. I had an amazing ancho chili Bloody Mary, eggs benedict, and a french press of local coffee. Afterward, we walked over to the Crow Collection of Asian Art for the Chinese New Year celebration. The highlight of the day was holding a baby goat. He was so cute and snuggly. There was also a sheep petting zoo. The sheep were so sweet! They crowded against me, and one nibbled my fingers. I learned that they were Dorper sheep. Some of them did not have wool - they stop growing it in hot climates.

Dan met up with us as I was waiting in line to get my face painted with cherry blossoms. The line was so long that I wasn't able to get it done since we needed to leave for gallery hopping. We were able to partake in the photo booth, though.

Dan also snapped some outfit photos of me in the Crow's garden.

Gallery hopping was fun as usual. A couple of our friends met up with us for their first gallery hopping experience, as well! We didn't make it to all the galleries with openings - there is just not enough time! I think for the next batch of opening receptions, I might get started a bit earlier. I'm thinking that the exhibitions will be up during the normal gallery hours on that day and we can see them all that way even if we are not officially at all of the opening receptions. We'll see how it goes.

My favorite photo from the galleries:

I spent most of Sunday in bed with Caprica listening to the rain and napping. Dan and I played Hyrule Warriors for the rest of the evening when he came home from work.

I haven't been posting my work outfits because I haven't been satisfied with them. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut and bored with my everyday wardrobe. I need a plan to revamp some things. I'm also struggling with fatigue and brain fog from some medication I am taking. It's doing what it is supposed to do; I just have to fight through the side effects for a few more weeks. It is affecting my focus at work; however, and I'm really struggling through my current projects. At least I am taking a small vacation in two weeks. I rarely take time off, so I am sure it will be rejuvenating.